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90s Kinda Love

90s kinda love for all the 90s babies like us! A tee that celebrates our favourite decade; a time where we grew up on sand pits, Hico ice-cream sticks, STN cartoons and BP candies at school. We listened to music on cassettes, watched movies on VHS, news hour was 9pm and the only network in life was real connections and heart to hearts.


Beautiful is a pink screen printed sweatshirt for our beautiful customers. Stay warm and fabulous this winter in our knitted Terry blend.


Like flowers in a field, ‘Bloom’ together into the beautiful, independent, empowered women you’re meant to be. We, at UXM, are strong believers in sisterhood; together #WeAreTheGirlsWhoCan make the world a better and more peaceful place to live in.

Can’t Box My Heart

When you feel like your mind is confined always remember to think from your heart. The world can cage your thoughts but your heart is what sparks the fire in your soul; hear it beat and know that your spirit is free!

End of Thinking Capacity

Work, meetings, projects, school, exams, homework etc…’end of thinking capacity’?! Don’t worry, we can relate, every #GirlBoss sometimes needs a break. One way of dealing with daily anxiety, just put it out there on your tee!

Extra Behaviour

Did someone ever tell you, you can be a real drama queen? Well, don’t let the haters bring you down; a little extra behavior never hurt nobody. You’re full of personality so why not wear it on your tee?


Life is short, your lashes shouldn’t be! Why not wear a ‘Fabulash’ mantra on your tee?

Heart on Sleeve

Heart on Sleeve a black sweatshirt with digitally printed sleeves is just the fun your wardrobe needs. Made in a knitted Terry blend to keep you comfortable and looking nice.


Whoever said “what goes around comes around” must have been a pretty mindful girl full of soul who knows what’s up! Good deeds go a long way, remember that always.


A minimal design to keep you in ‘Line’ with a simple summer aesthetic.


Every girl is in search for someone who looks at her like she’s magic. But why not let the ‘Magician’ in you come to life? Be the girl who casts the spell for her ambitions and dreams to come alive? Work those wands, spread that magic like your wings and let your fairytale fly!

Mask Off

learning and evolving, changing faces to become something or someone in a really confusing digital world. Sometimes you just gotta take every ‘Mask off’ to find yourself.


If making mistakes was an art form, we’d definitely be Picasso. They do teach us valuable lessons though …even if some of us are slow learners.


For the girls who dance to their own music on repeat; carefree, unafraid, and a little ‘Offbeat’.

Paint Me Love

Paint me Love is a red sweatshirt with the symbol of love. High density printing on our knitted Terry blend will keep you warm, cosy and stylish this winter.

Pick Your Side

Pick your Side is a dual sided light pink sweatshirt. Have fun with both sides of this digital printed knitted Terry blend. This winter will be warm and fun.

Thank U, Next

Ariana said it first and we repeat. The 2019 mantra we’ve learnt and loved to live by. To all those haters, instigators, mean girls and bad boys, just say – THANK U, NEXT!