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John Varvatos

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John Varvatos Artisan

For Men

John varvatos artisan, an invigorating men’s fragrance. This mesmerizing cologne combines citrus, floral and herbal accords for a tantalizing mix that’s perfect for spring and summer ensembles. Top notes of sweet clementine, ripe tangelo, mexican tangerine, spanish marjoram and fresh thyme open the scent with a zesty and aromatic start.


John Varvatos Artisan Acqua

For Men

Feel the ocean breeze on your skin and the sand beneath your toes with every spritz of john varvatos artisan acqua, a pleasant men’s cologne. This enticing fragrance combines citrus, aromatic and spicy accords for a delectable taste of the mediterranean that enhances any summertime occasion. 


John Varvatos Classic

For Men

There is a certain amount of luxury to be found in john varvatos cologne. It first came out in 2004, and it contains an alluring blend of sensual notes. It opens with indian fig leaf, plum, lime, leather, clary sage, coriander and fig fruit. There are also numerous spices throughout the profile, including pepper and cinnamon, but these are balanced wonderfully with the addition of sandalwood and cedar. 


John Varvatos Dark Rebel

For Men

Indulge in this study of contrasts, bringing dark rebellion into the light with john varvatos dark rebel, a daring men’s cologne. This inviting fragrance combines smoky, woody and sugary accords for a sexy, lush creation that’s sure to turn heads. Top notes of clary sage, cardamom and artemisia open the scent with their pure richness.


John Varvatos Dark Rebel Rider

For Men

Throw on your leather jacket and ride off into the sunset with john varvatos dark rebel rider, an addictive men’s fragrance. This robust cologne combines balsamic, woody and powdery accords for a distinct and original blend that’s perfect for demonstrating your unique personality and old-soul ideals.


John Varvatos Oud

For Men

John varvatos oud, a majestic men’s fragrance. This enticing cologne blends spicy, woody and smoky accords for a robust and seductive aroma that instills instant confidence and charisma in the wearer. Top notes include fresh cypress branch, sage, nutmeg, tobacco and ripe juniper berries.


John Varvatos Star

For Men

Remind yourself that you’re living the all-american dream with john varvatos star usa, a dynamic men’s fragrance. This unique cologne combines spicy, aromatic and woody accords for a fresh and invigorating aroma that’s perfect for the modern, laidback man of today. Top notes of citron, ginger and ripe juniper berries open the scent with an energetic and rejuvenating atmosphere.


John Varvatos Vintage

For Men

John varvatos vintage, a revitalizing men’s fragrance. This complex, botanical cologne combines aromatic, spicy and woody accords for a delectable scent that inspires thoughts of wandering through a densely wooded forest on a warm, summer day. 


John Varvatos Artisan Blu

For Men

John varvatos artisan blu, a rejuvenating men’s fragrance. This revitalizing cologne mixes citrus, herbal and green accords for a botanically-rich, marine scent that’s a perfect accent for the warmer months of the year. Top notes of bitter orange, green basil, sparkling bergamot, chayote and relaxing lavender introduce the scent with electrifying clarity, bringing a pure, eye-opening experience to your morning.