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Whimsical Fantasy

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The geometrical symmetry that is a testament to the magnificence of persian architecture, paved the inspiration for this mukesh studded number.
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This sequined jumpsuit is a modern twist to bridal attire. Paired with a heavily embroidered and embellished cape, the reflective gold jumpsuit is the perfect ensemble for the uber chic fashionista.
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The traditional number aims to capture the essence of the different elements that amalgamate to create our diverse ethnic heritage.
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Another weigela inspired creation, this on takes its elements and colours from rhodendron and azalea, that spread out into a beautiful canopy.
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The eastern bride, draped in deep red and adorned in shades of gold and deep ruby stones; the epitome of ethnic beauty.
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Taking inspiration from the rich Luckhnovi heritage, the dress exudes old money charm and elegance. The grace and aplomb of the outfit unmatched.
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Decadent jewels encased in the most serpentine of cages - each piece a masterpiece - were aspiration for this ensemble that conveys strength and fragility at the same time.
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The ornate kashi-work adorning the walls of turn of the century architectures acted as an inspiration for this "loud and proud" statement piece.
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The mysterious and silent women of royal courts served as an aspiration for this elegant dress that exudes femininity and confidence on parallel.
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The Ice Princess. More fairytale than reality, who's dress shed stars with her every turn and twirl. Her beauty dancing to an aloof tune.
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Intricate miniatures with flowing lines depicting opulence, grandeur and extravagance are the core concepts that this ensemble embodies.
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Rung Mehal

The Wine and Roses Weigela, resplendent in its sprawling beauty all year long, laid down the concept behind this stunner.
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