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Honey And Aloe Vera Body Lotion

Zuni Honey and Aloe Vera Body Lotion, Made with hand filleted Aloe vera gel. Organic, hand-filleted Aloe Vera is one of the main ingredients in our body lotion that is combined with other natural extracts with antioxidant functions which will add additional protection from harmful UVB rays. Zuni Honey and Aloe Vera Body Lotion, keep your skin moisture, nourish, prevent skin coarse and dark, often use, skin will be tender, white, smooth and luster. It leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean without drying it out.
Rs. 300

Whitening Rose Body Lotion

Zuni Whitening Rose Body Lotion, contains linoleic acid and Vitamin C offering hydrating, repairing, soothing and whitening effects. It offers fast absorption without greasy feeling and comes with elegant rose fragrance.
Rs. 300

Whitening Massage Cream

Zuni whitening scrub, is formulated with original goat’s milk which is rich in protein, essential vitamins and minerals. A luxurious whitening body scrub that exfoliates the skin to reveal and whiter and smoother skin tone. Frequent usage reduces skin pigmentation and evens out skin tone.
Rs. 300